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Blown film extrusion usually requires a corona treater to treat both external faces of polyethylene film (although polypropylene can also be treated). Corona treaters by Corona Supplies allow for guaranteed dyne levels, even at high slip additive levels, using a variety of easy to use and safe to operate designs.


  • Covered Roll, Silicone or Ceramic dielectric rolls, 100,150,200mm diameter
  • Thin stainless steel or titanium segmented electrodes for excellent pattern setting, with 1.5mm width for greater accuracy.
  • Pneumatically operated split box style for easy threading
  • No tension transfer to lay-flat tube
  • Micrometer air gap adjusters guarantee uniform corona treatment across web
  • Sprung loaded electrodes allow film contact
Our bespoke designs allow you to have the treater that is right for your application, any width or speed and with various designs available depending on your needs.
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