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The manufacture of packaging laminates by means of the extrusion coating or laminating process will today almost certainly involve a corona treatment system, as well as possibly an ozone generator.
Within the extrusion coating process a corona treatment system is used in the pre-treatment of the substrate prior to laminating/coating with the extrudate or melt curtain. The combined substrate and extrudate then pass over the chill roll. This laminated or coated surface, is usually also treated with a post-corona treater to make this surface more receptive for printing or further lamination.
Corona Supplies offer bespoke corona treatment systems for use on a variety of substrates used in extrusion coating, both pre treatment and post treatment on a variety of materials including PP, PE, EVA, Surlyn and paper/board.
Corona Supplies also offers ozone generators for use on the extrudate, which have many advantages on the extrusion coating process. See the ozone generators page for further information.
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