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Cast film extrusion, treating both polypropylene and polyethylene films, usually requires greater power due to increased speeds and treat widths. Corona Supplies provides extremely reliable and optimized corona treatment systems that can treat one side, two sides or either side of the web.
  • Covered roll systems for high, long lasting treat
  • Widths to 5000mm and speeds to 500m/min
  • Ceramic coated base rolls for guaranteed durability
  • Nip roll to guarantee No-Backside treatment
  • Multi-blade or Segmented electrodes
  • Excellent ozone removal even at high speed
Back side Treatment - Nip Rolls
The elimination of any trace of treatment on the back side of films becomes more and more part of the modern specification. Reasons for this include blocking, set off and sealing.
The know-how required guaranteeing no backside treatment at any speed and any width up to 7-8 metres is readily available. "Where there is no air, there is no treat"; so a specific configuration of the backing roll, nip roll and spreader roll is vital. The appropriate configuration depends on circumstances, but if it is wrong it will add to web handling and tension control problems and not eliminate backside treatment.
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