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Why do I have to treat my material on the printing press if its already been treated at extrusion?
Corona treatment raises the surface energy of substrates. However due to migration of additives to the substrates surface during storage, the corona effect can be reduced within hours, weeks or months, depending on storage conditions. When printing one must ensure that the dyne level of the substrate is high enough to promote adhesion of the inks onto the substrate, otherwise this can lead to disastrous consequences. To ensure this adhesion, it is highly recommended that flexographic and rotogravure printing presses have a corona treater installed.
Likewise, in the lamination process the surface energy of one substrate must be higher than the other substrate to promote adhesion and avoid delamination.
Coating, Laminating, Printing
  • Universal corona treatment systems, for conductive and non-conductive substrates
  • Ceramic Electrodes, unique triple treat, increased corona dwell time.
  • Easy to clean and maintain electrode cartridges, rotate 180 degrees without loss of HT connection.
  • Aluminium or ceramic coated base rolls for enhanced treatment
  • Widths to 3000mm and speeds to 1500m/min
  • Easy, removable electrode cartridges
  • Calibrated direct action, cross-web air gap adjustors for uniform treatment
  • Compact yet powerful treat
  • Light weight, low inertia base rolls
  • Open style construction, ozone extraction at source
  • Safe and easy to operate, maximum operator convenience
  • High performance trouble free treating
Hazardous systems
Corona Supplies also supplies corona treaters to use within hazardous (flammable) environments where contact with solvents may be a concern.
Contact us to discuss current legislation and recommendations whether your application requires a pressurised corona treater for use in hazardous areas.
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