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The manufacture of BOPP (MDO & BPO), BOPET and BOPA has lines that are up to 10m wide and speeds in excess of 500m/min. This application requires large corona treatment systems with large amounts of power and multidischarge electrodes. More importantly, the efficiency of the power generators and how that power is applied to the electrodes , ie its impedance matching is of critical importance. This not only gives high efficiency and lower temperatures, but reduced costs and combined with excellent extraction systems, lower electrode temperatures and reduced warping of the electrodes, thereby maintaining the air gap constant.
  • Widths to 10 meters
  • Speeds to 500m/min
  • Covered Rolls, vulcanised silicone rubber, ceramic dielectric coated roll
  • Stainless steel Multi-blade electrodes, excellent edge to edge treatment
  • Effective ozone removal for efficient cooling of electrodes, thereby reducing warping
High KW power generators, large widths and high speeds require expert corona treatment knowledge. With dyne levels of 44-46 dynes/cm2 the norm, you must trust the corona treater installed.
Our systems are designed bespoke to your application for peace of mind, ease of maintenance and trouble free operation minimising downtime.
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