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Corona Supplies supply variable frequency, IGBT, power generators from 1kW to 20kW. Generators from 4Kw to 20KW are tried and tested Sherman Treaters reactive power generators.
True Power - Corona Supplies Power generators provide a quantitative measure of the match between the load and the corona power source. This is a significant step towards more efficient corona treatment and it means that corona power supply display panels can show line operators true output conditions. Furthermore due to impedance matching, maximum power is delivered to the discharge electrode by tuning the inductance and the capacitance of the power supply and electrode station to resonance, where the power supply is balanced with corona treatment station at any one moment in time. The power supply is continuously, every cycle, adjusting itself to the optimum electrode load conditions.
Reactive Power - Sherman Treaters generators from 4KW and above also have the added benefit of showing reactive power, or in other words power lost. This allows the operator to make sure that no power is being lost within the system and that impedance matching is indeed occurring.
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