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Product range // Power supplies // 1kW to 3kW
Brand new Corona power generators from Corona Supplies available from 1.0KW to 3.5KW. Using latest technology means increased energy efficiency, reduced running costs, with more treatment for less power.
Invertor section contains latest IGBT technology, microprocessor controlled, with automatic variable output frequency for better load matching to the electrode station.
Our power measurement circuit guarantees that the power specified is the power being delivered, true output power. Furthermore the feedback circuit automatically maintains constant output power regardless of changes in load conditions, humidity and temperature. This is why our power supplies are robust, of low maintenance and easy to use.
The Touch pad front panel includes a variety of diagnostics and useful information for the operator, including:
  • Digital LED displays Power, Voltage, Current, Frequency, KW Hours
  • Humidity compensation control - Wet Start module as standard
  • Start/Stop contactor for safe, dependable operation
  • Loss of treatment indicator alarm
  • Power supply diagnostic indicators
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