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To obtain optimum adhesion when printing, laminating or coating we need to increase the surface energy of the substrate. Determining this surface energy can be achieved by surface energy test inks or pens, more commonly known as Dyne Inks or Pens. Corona Supplies offers a wide range of Dyne Pens and Inks to measure surface tension. All of our dyne inks and pens are supplied with simple instructions for easy operation.
When the dyne level ink is applied to the substrate, the liquid will either form a continuous film on the surface or reticulate into small droplets. If the dyne level ink remains as a continuous film for 3 seconds, the substrate will have a minimum surface energy of that ink value, expressed in dynes. Should the dyne ink reticulate, the surface energy of the substrate is lower than that of the liquid itself. The dyne level can be then be determined by applying a range of dyne level inks above or below the measured level.
For repeatable results click here for instructions on how to use our dyne inks and pens