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Which dielectric covering you choose will really depend on which application you have, blown film, cast film or wide web extrusion as well as factors such as which materials you are treating, line speeds, whether you have a nip roll or not and budget!
However, what is critical, is that the quality and integrity of the dielectric covering on the base roll plays a key role in the successful operation of the corona treater. The correct covering will give you years of trouble-free treating, but the wrong covering will give you many problems.
Failure to select the correct dielectric covering can lead to;
  • High-frequency generator failure
  • Frequent generator tripping
  • Fuse failure
  • High tension transformer overheating and burn-out
  • Patchy, uneven treatment
  • Back-side treatment
  • Insufficient treatment levels
Whats the differerence? Which one is best for my application?
Below are some articles that may help you decide, but do give us a call and we can recommend which type best suits your requirements.
Roll Covering differences
Silicone Sleeve Technical Specifications

No matter what brand of corona treater you run, if it’s got a metal discharge electrode and a dielectric coated base roll, then call us and we can help.
Contact Corona Supplies for further information on each type of dielectric covering or for a quotation.