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Ceramic is a purpose designed dielectric coating used to provide a hard, wear resistant covering.
Ceramic coated base rolls - the definitive answer to dielectric roll problems.
The main advantage is durability. Because the Ceramic is inert, it cannot perish with long exposure to a high energy source and the highly oxidative environment. The coating is extremely tough and cannot be cut by knives: it is easy to remove any slip additive and polymer build-up that could cause backside treat.
A strict Total Quality Management (TQM) procedure has been developed to support this dielectric coating. This includes exceptionally tight tolerances for base roll construction. Prior to coating, the roll face must conform to surface metal analysis as laid down by the JK method - ASTME 45 Method A. The roll face is covered with an Alumina oxide ceramic with 0.95 to 1.0mm thickness that is free from inclusions and pin-holes. The finished surface is to has a dielectric strength of 500v/mil (20 KV/millimeter), hardness is 700 to 950 VPN 300 (70 Rockwell C), and is the dielectric constant is less than 8.
The finished result is a corona base roll that will run for many years virtually maintenance free. Contact Corona Supplies for a quotation to suit your individual requirements.